AAS “Axios” part of the International Day of Archaeology 2017

The Association of Archaeology Students “Axios” – Skopje will take part in the Macedonian event celebrating the International Day of Archaeology 2017, which will take place on 28 July in the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia in Skopje, starting from 12 o’clock.

The event is organized by the Institute for Archaeological Research from Skopje and will unite the different active archaeological associations and institutions in the country, which will have the opportunity to present their work in the past year.


A call for papers for the second issue of the international student journal for Archaeology and History of art ‘AXIOS’

The Association of Archaeology Students “Axios” from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, has opened a call for papers for the second issue of the international electronic journal for student academic papers “AXIOS”, covering topics from Archaeology, History of art and cultural heritage. The call for papers will be open until 30 September 2017.

Eligible for submitting papers are all active students who have enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate degree studies. When writing their papers, the authors need to follow the usual rules and standards for issuing academic papers (name and surname of the author, type of studies (undergraduate of postgraduate), faculty and university name, contact e-mail of the author, title of the paper, abstract written in the same language as the paper, key words, footnotes, bibliography and sources, illustrations and a summary written in English). The citing of the used literature and sources should be according to the Oxford style. The submitted papers should not exceed 16 pages of text i.e. 20 pages together with illustrations.

The e-mail for sending the papers is: sazaxios@gmail.com.

The publishing of “AXIOS” Journal, starting from this year, is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. The second issue will be available to the public until the end of 2017.

For more information regarding the papers and the journal you can contact the official e-mail or the Facebook page of the Association of Archaeology Students “Axios”: https://www.facebook.com/sazaxiosskopje/.

Looking forward to a successful cooperation!

Отворен повик за трудови за вториот број на меѓународното студентско списание “Axios”

Студентското Археолошко Здружение “Аксиос” од Скопје го отвори повикот за пријавување на трудови за вториот број на меѓународното електронско списание за студентски стручни трудови од областа на археологијата, историјата на уметноста и културното наследство “AXIOS”, кој ќе трае сé до 30 септември 2017 година.

Право за пријавување на трудови имаат сите активни студенти кои имаат запишано додипломски или постдипломски студии. При пишувањето на трудовите, авторите треба да се придржуваат кон вообичаените правила и стандарди за пишување на стручни трудови (име и презиме на авторот, вид на студии (додипломски или постдипломски), факултет и универзитет на кој студира, контакт e-mail на авторот, наслов на трудот, апстракт на јазикот на кој е напишан трудот, клучни зборови, фусноти, библиографија и извори, илустрации и резиме на англиски јазик). Цитирањето на користената литература и извори треба да биде според т.н. Оксфордски стил. Пријавените трудови не треба да надминуваат 16 страници текст, односно 20 страници со илустрации.

Електронската пошта на која треба да се испраќаат трудовите е: sazaxios@gmail.com.

Издавањето на списанието “AXIOS”, почнувајќи од оваа година, е поддржано и од страна на Министерството за култура на Република Македонија. Вториот број се очекува да биде достапен за јавноста до крајот на 2017 година.

За повеќе информации во врска со списанието и трудовите можете да нé контактирате преку e-mail или преку нашата официјална Facebook страница: https://www.facebook.com/sazaxiosskopje/.

Се надеваме на успешна соработка!

Macedonian premiere of the archaeological documentary film “Saving Mes Aynak”

One of the most popular and most awarded documentary films in the past several years “Saving Mes Aynak” will be screened for the first time in front of the Macedonian public this Tuesday (28 February) at the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje, starting from 14:00 o’clock. The entry will be free.


The documentary, filmed in 2014, follows Afghan archaeologist Qadir Temori and his Afghani-French excavation team as they attempt to save and preserve one of the most valuable archaeological sites in the Near East – Mes Aynak, which is threatened by destruction with the building of a new large-scale copper mine at the site. Mes Aynak, which rich cultural layers stretch for over 5000 years, was an important Buddhist religious and mining center on the famous Silk Road.

The film is produced by Kartemquin Films from Chicago, USA, and directed by Brent E. Huffman, who in his extensive career has worked with media houses such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, NBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, PBS, TIME, The New York Times and others.


“Saving Mes Aynak” is the award winner for Best Documentary Film at The International Academic Forum in 2015, and has been screened at the prestigious international festivals for archaeological films AGON in Greece and ICRONOS in France. The Macedonian premiere is organized by the Association of Archaeology Students “Axios” – Skopje, in collaboration with the Museum of Macedonia.