A call for papers for the second issue of the international student journal for Archaeology and History of art ‘AXIOS’

The Association of Archaeology Students “Axios” from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, has opened a call for papers for the second issue of the international electronic journal for student academic papers “AXIOS”, covering topics from Archaeology, History of art and cultural heritage. The call for papers will be open until 30 September 2017.

Eligible for submitting papers are all active students who have enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate degree studies. When writing their papers, the authors need to follow the usual rules and standards for issuing academic papers (name and surname of the author, type of studies (undergraduate of postgraduate), faculty and university name, contact e-mail of the author, title of the paper, abstract written in the same language as the paper, key words, footnotes, bibliography and sources, illustrations and a summary written in English). The citing of the used literature and sources should be according to the Oxford style. The submitted papers should not exceed 16 pages of text i.e. 20 pages together with illustrations.

The e-mail for sending the papers is: sazaxios@gmail.com.

The publishing of “AXIOS” Journal, starting from this year, is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. The second issue will be available to the public until the end of 2017.

For more information regarding the papers and the journal you can contact the official e-mail or the Facebook page of the Association of Archaeology Students “Axios”: https://www.facebook.com/sazaxiosskopje/.

Looking forward to a successful cooperation!


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